Uppercut “Survivor” tells her side: “I felt like I was in Mortal Kombat!” [VIDEO]

This girl is literally an uppercut survivor because she should have been dead after her brain was almost punched through her skull by a Cleveland Bus driver! Well the media has now found the girl, Shi’dea Lane, and she did an interview where she told her side of the story and played the victim role.

Yes, she was punched, but let’s not forget that she hit the driver and spit on him first. The interview is hilarious to me because she actually says, “I felt like I was in Mortal Kombat!” That’s exactly what everyone on twitter had to say. Some people even made edits to the video making it look like the video game.

This girl won’t be able to catch a break for a while unfortunately because somebody happened to find her on twitter, and people went in on her! I don’t agree with the bullying her on twitter part, but I’m sorry you have to admit this story is too much to not laugh at!

Here’s some of what she had to say!
“The bus driver didn’t think I had any money to get on the bus and I was looking for it, trying to tell him that I have money to get on the bus. Can you just let me find it? And from there it just escalated …”

“It felt like I was on Mortal Kombat. It just hurted. It was almost like a ‘finish him!’ type of hit,”

“It’s amazing to see how a man would hit a woman that hard. Are you serious? You could have pulled me off the bus. You can’t really touch anyone, but for real? You really punched me?”

Sorry hun, you don’t get to use the woman vs. man thing once you hit someone AND spit on them.


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