Cleveland Bus Driver uppercuts the weave ponytail off this girls head! [VIDEO]

Sorry the video was deleted…back up now 🙂

Thanks to worldstar hip hop, the viral world is going nuts after they uploaded this video of a Cleveland Bus Driver uppercutting the hell out of a girl. The video starts with the two threatening to whoop each others a^*!

It’s crazy how as soon as someone witnesses an argument, the first thing they do is pull out their phone to record it. Luckily this guy/girl did because nobody has ever seen an uppercut like this in real life!

After the girl got embarassed, she decided to punch the driver and spit on the driver…BAD IDEA! The bus driver almost knocked the girl through the window and she didn’t even pass out!

Notice her little fan left on the top of her head after she gets hit. This video will be on the news any day now. Twitter has already made a trending topic for the video called #BusDriverUppercutPlaylist

It’s also sparked a debate on whether the man is wrong for hitting a woman, or if the girl deserved it for running her mouth and talking stuff! What do you think?


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