Love Birds Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia are set to join Love and Hip Hop Cast!


The two freak-a-leaks in love, rapper Joe Budden and his girlfriend Kaylin Garcia aka Young Ratchet (he calls her that lol) are going to be on the original Love and Hip Hop! Joe Budden announced it while doing an interview with Angie Martinez. I’m actually pretty excited to get all up in the couples business and see how they act outside of the pictures we see on instagram.

Since they seem to be obsessed with getting it on and posting inappropriate pictures lol, I’m sure 95% of their lives we won’t get to see without a nudity strip going across the screen. If you have an instagram go follow both of them, and trust me you’ll be entertained between seeing Kaylin’s booty cheeks or images of them playing tonsil hockey, there’s never a dull moment.

Anyways, expect lots of drama since Joe dated a few of the cast mates in the past. I’m thinking we might not need Chrissy and Jim on the show anymore and it will do just fine without them! 

With or without their freaky antics, they are still an adorable couple that seems to be completely in love. They actually might be obsessed with each other. Who knows we’ll have to wait til the season starts to see! 


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