Meek Mills tells the world about his baby mama drama!


Basically, Meek Mills is two seconds from being added to the bad kids list with Chief Keef! Yesterday, he went in on his babymama on instagram and twitter. 

First, he tweeted:

“My baby mom a true bum… I gave her 11k within 30 days…and she still had a nerve and call me about some papers!  #playersf-ckuptoo”

Then he uploaded a tweegram to his instagram:



Meek Mills is literally always talking stuff about something lol I want to introduce him to Chief Keef’s bad a$$ and see how many fights they get into. 

Let’s not forget, just last week Meek was arguing with rapper Roscoe Dash…now his babymama, who most people don’t even know. It’s pointless to me, but I guess celebrities like to vent via social networks just like the rest of us! 

I’m on the lookout for her response from his bm! His son is a cutie though!



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