Tamar Braxton signs with Interscope and gives us a taste of her new single!

A few weeks ago I did a post with Tamar Braxton doing the Star Spangled Banner and she SANG! Like I said I figured she could sing, but she is actually pretty amazing.

It looks like Tamar is finally done with Du-wop-pop-pop as she calls it and she is now running in her own lane. Her reality show with her husband Vincent Herbert will be airing soon, and she just got signed for a solo deal with INTERSCOPE.

Her and Vince have been on a promo tour for their new show, and while at an ABC Radio Station, she gave us a piece of what’s to come on her new album.

Listen to Tamar sing her upcoming single “Love and War”…It sounds like we’re all going to love it!

Here’s what the two had to say about releasing the single:

On Her New Album:
“Honestly, these are great records, and I’m not just saying that because they’re mine. If they were not mine I would want them to be mine. I do feel like this is my best work yet.”

On Trusting Her Husband With Her Career:
“I respect him for who he is and the things that he’s accomplished, especially in this music industry. I would be a fool to go against what he definitely believes in his gut.”

Vince On Pushing Back the Single:
“It’s still gonna come this year. We just had to regroup and move some things around…but it’s definitely still coming this year.”


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