50 Cent speaks on partnering with Manny Pacquiao and A LOT of other stuff!

This morning 50 cent went on the popular radio show “The Breakfast Club,” and talked about everything. Thank God he did it just in time to clear up all the rumors around him such as working with Manny Pacquiao, his friendship with Floyd Mayweather, Floyd’s fiance Shantel, and a lot more.

I love The Breakfast Club for always asking the good questions!

If he has issues with Dr. Dre working musically with people that he doesn’t particularly care for:

With Dre, I haven’t ever see him do anything with malice on his heart.

If he feels Oprah’s career (with her new OWN network) is suffering:

Look, it’s a transitional period. Saying its going down, when you’re already a billionaire?

On rumors that he’s forming a promotional company with Manny Pacquiao:

Yeah, well Floyd is a friend of mine. I look at Floyd like he’s my younger brother. … He earns so much that he just spend. Run around and spend what he want. So, there’s no urgency, to anything. And when the communication breaks and it starts to not be  –Look, my concept of TMT is ‘the fight you want to see’. It’s Floyd [Mayweather and] Manny Pacquio, the fight.

Rumors that Floyd didn’t want 50 around his fiance, Shantel Jackson:

That’s, them (referring to the media) making something. In reality, he would ask me to attend her birthday. It (his attendance) brings attention….Anyone knows Floyd-he doesn’t want to be alone.

On Floyd’s extravagant spending and how he treats his friends:

He’ll buy stuff for you, to keep people around. He can do anything and then they’ll still stay here. Even the choice of women. Hoes are not for sell. I’m just saying that hoes you can rent them, but you can’t buy them

On if he feels like Kim Kardashian is a hoe:

I dont wanna call her hoe. I’m just sayin all i know her to do, is her intercation w/ Ray J, Reggie and then Chris Humphries. That’s not different (than non-industry women) just the tape didn’t surface.

On if he and Ciara ever had conversations about her career:

I don’t have those conversations (about ciara’s career).


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