Ariane admits to sleeping with K. Michelle’s alleged abuser, Memphitz!

Well well wellllll…Look who finally wants to drop a bomb and step into the spotlight! Ariane, Mimi’s quiet friend who barely appeared on the show decided to tell all her business on the radio show, The Breakfast Club.

Not only did she admit to sleeping with K. Michelle’s alleged abuser Memphitz, but she also talked about Stevie J and Mimi’s relationship.

The season is over, but the drama keeps going! Read some of her interview below:

On why she doesn’t like Stevie J:

It’s not that I don’t like Stevie, it’s that I don’t like his ways.

On why she argues with Mimi so much, over her relationship with Stevie:

We fight all the time. She fights me more than anything. Behind closed doors, Mimi fights me.

On how she feels about Joseline:
I have respect for her (Joseline). I undrstand where she comes from.
On if Joseline is a man:
I didn’t say she was a man. She’s not a man. She has a strong face. A lot of women have strong faces.
On if Stevie J has ever been abusive to Mimi:
I did not say yes. Don’t do that. I’m not saying anything.I’ve seen behavior that I don’t like.
On if she use to date Memphitz (K.Michelle’s ex boyfriend and Toya Wright’s husband):
He’s a very good friend of mine. He use to work together.
On if she had sex with Memphitz:
On why she never shared that she’d been intimate with Memphitz on the show:
And that’s the thing. I don’t talk about things that aren’t relevant.
If Memphitz was ever physically abusive to her:
Absoluely not, he’s a great guy.
If she feels a man should ever put his hands on a woman:
I’m not saying women should be hit, but sometimes b*tches need to be slapped.
On where she’s currently employed:
I bartend at Diamondz in Atlanta, it’s a strip club. That’s the first strip club, I ever bartended at.

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