These colors are PERFECT for Fall Nails!

“Hurr did. Nails did. EVERYTHING did!”

If you’re like me, you probably never paid attention to the fact that some colors aren’t supposed to be worn during certain seasons.

After noticing everyone talking about fall colors for their nail polish, I realized I need to get with the program and be aware of which colors belong in which season.

To prepare myself for fall, I found some colors that are approved by Harper’s Bazaar.

Here’s the different styles:

First, you have what they call “dark and stormy colors,” so you’re dark reds, greys, blues, and blacks.

Next, there are “Pretty in Pales,” so whites, creams, and nudes.

Next, we have “French Twists,” which is a classic French manicure with a twist. You can try a different color instead of white, a pattern instead of solid, or a different shape instead of round.

Finally, we have “Beautifully Bold.” This is daring nail art that makes a statement with daring texture, intricate prints, or rainbow brights.


Hopefully these help keep you current, so you’re not wearing last season’s nails lol!

*thanks for the tips Harper’s Bazaar



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