Is Usher wrong for flaunting his “New” Family? [PHOTOS]

I never knew, but Usher has a new girlfriend name Grace Miguel. He just can’t stay away from the help smh. First Tameka who was his wardrobe stylist, now Grace who happens to be his manager.

Usher, who won sole custody of his two sons last month decided to post tons of pics with him, Grace, his 2 boys, and her 2 boys. That’s really cute and fine, but is he in the wrong and disrespectful to his ex-wife Tameka?

Tameka lost her son Kile last month to a jet-ski accident, then she lost custody of her two sons, now Usher isn’t making it any better. Tameka is appealing the court’s decision however.

Word on the street is Tameka is definitely keeping an eye on Usher’s photos because she favorited one of them. Lurking will get you caught, I always favorite stuff being a creep lol

Do you think Usher is wrong for flaunting his “new” family after Tameka has been through so much?

On the other hand, they did have a nasty divorce and custody case that had a huge effect on both of them. He might be saying eff her feelings now.


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