Kitten Heels Kenya Bell from Basketball Wives wins big from her divorce!


We all remember awkward newbie Kenya from Basketball wives, who was the victim of Evelyn’s bottle throwing. Miss Bell isn’t as much of a creep as I thought. She’s actually a smart creep because she won big in her divorce settlement with former NBA player Charles Bell.

According to TMZ, Kenya won the following:

Kids: Charlie has to shell out $1,000/month in child support, but they’ll share custody of their two daughters. Neither party has to cough up spousal support. 

Homes: Kenya scored the marital home in Michigan, along with the home bought for her parents. Charlie gets the condo in Vegas and the home he bought his parents. 

Money: Kenya was awarded $780,000 cash from Charlie’s savings … leaving him with $656,000. She also gets half of the $670,000 from another account. 

Here’s where Kenya wins big: she gets HALF OF EVERYTHING from the following: Charlie’s NBA 401k plan, his NBA retirement plan, his NBA pension, NBA welfare plan and NBA supplement benefit plan. 

Charlie gets ZILCH from Kenya’s “Basketball Wives” money. 

Well congrats Kenya I hope you put some of that money towards perfecting your YouTube videos. Here’s a few photos from her earlier years as happy Mrs. Bell.



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