Draya from Basketball wives LA has good things to say about Karreuche and Breezy!


I’ve always wondered how Draya (Chris Brown’s ex) and Karreuche (Chris Browns current gf) became friends. Like they literally take pics sometimes like their BFFs. Thank God my nosey butt can have a seat now because Draya spilled all the beans at Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

On the alleged threesome with Chris Brown and Karreuche:

“To clear everything, Chris and Karrueche are in a relationship; there are no three-somes. Her and I are friends.”

On why Karrueche is so comfortable with her being friends with Chris:

“If you know Karrueche and you know how they run their relationship, she is not a insecure person. She got her man.”

On why she became friends with Karrueche:

“Me and him (Chris) always remained friends and he was like, ‘I want you to meet my girlfriend. I don’t think I was an ex that she needed to be concerned about.”

SIDE NOTE: Could this be shade to Rihanna…I don’t knoooooowww!

On if she thinks she’s a hoe:

“I think a hoes is someone that sleeps with evryone..I don’t think I’m considerd a hoe no more .Your hoeness can get deletion. I am in a total drought.”

I had no clue there was a rumor they all had a threesome lol I’m so late! I applaud them though for being adults about the situation and being friends.

I do wonder, since Karreuche is not a insecure person, did she try to beat Chris’s a$$ after hearing about his kiss with Rihanna last night or was she fine with it. She seems like such a sweet girl I couldn’t see her snapping.


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