Nicki Minaj gets death threats over line about Mitt Romney


People are seriously psychotic in the brain!

After Lil Wayne released Dedication 4, where Nicki Minaj dropped a line that said:

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy b*tches is f-ing up the economy.”

Everyone went nuts acting like she was dead serious about voting for Romney. Since I’m not in Nicki Minaj’s brain I can’t 100% say that she was possibly trying to make a point, but I’m pretty sure she was.

Anyways, the psychos out there with nothing better to do decided to start sending Nicki death threats to defend Obama. Seriously?


It’s great to see people supporting our President, but sad to see how gullible they can be also. I know you meant no harm Nicki! 

She has yet to comment about the line, but as soon as she does I’ll update ya’ll!


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