[HOOD LOVE]: Sexy pictures of Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy

The two recently did an interview with Rolling Out Magazine along with a photo shoot and Lil Scrappy told what made him choose Erika as his future Mrs. Lil Scrappy!

On Why They Decided to Get Married:
We just took it a step further than where it was at, but we’re trying to move to the big step though, and see what that is like and not play around with it for 100 years like some folks do…I just wanted to do something real grown and big.

On How ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Helped Him See How Much Erica Loves Him:

I was able to see her love that I had never seen … I mean, I have seen it, but I kind of messed that up so she hides it from me. So when she would go to her friends and share it, I could see it because I’m watching it.

His Advice For the Ladies:
Treat a man how he should treat you. If you think that you’re supposed to be treated like a queen, then you need to treat him like a king and vice versa.

The pictures they took are the essence of hood love! If only they had Buffy lurking in the back…

Congrats you two! Just make sure ya’ll show the wedding in the next season please.


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