King Bey’s family & friends celebrate her Beyday with sweet messages!


Beyonce’s family and closes friends decided to take over her website and post a bunch of sweet message to everybody’s favorite performer for her 31st Beyday! The messages give you a “behind the scenes” view of what the people closest to her think about her.

Based on what I read, they all really do admire her spirit and growth!

Happy Beyday Beyonce! I can’t wait to meet you soon girl. 

From Solange:


Dear Big Sis,

There is no one like you in the world, of all of your mind blowing achievements that one that first comes to mind is your kindness. Your sense of selflessness, consideration of other people’s well being and your beautiful generosity are all things that make me so proud be your sister and your friend. 

From Mama TIna Knowles:


God blessed me with one of the greatest gifts in my life on September 4th, 1981. Happy Birthday, Love Mom. 

A card from Bey’s friends:



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