My first sit-down interview will be with…

I will soon be doing an exclusive interview with Michael Jacksons former nurse, Dr. Cherilyn Lee. You might notice her from doing many interviews shortly after Jackson’s death.

Dr. Lee is actually the reason the world knew what drug killed Michael Jackson. If it wasn’t for her, nobody would have known what drug Michael was taking when he passed. Dr. Lee even testified against Dr. Conrad Murray during trial by giving detailed accounts of the conversations her and Jackson had.

Dr. Lee worked very closely with Michael Jackson, and has agreed to speak with me about him in a sit-down interview! She has also agreed to taking questions from my readers, but please remember she won’t be able to answer some things due to legalities.

Background on Dr. Lee:

Cherilyn Lee, is a Holistic Integrated Health Practitioner, who has more than 28 years of experience under her belt. She hosts her own online radio show – “LIVING HEALTHY 4 U’ every Wednesday from 11:30 – 12:30 at She is also a writer, author, and CEO of Nutri-med Integrated healthcare.

If you have a question you want answered about the legendary Michael Jackson, send them in to I’ll be choosing the top 3 questions from readers!:

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Dr. Lee did the interview above with Larry King and it gives a lot of insight on her relationship with Michael Jackson.

Click this link to see part of Dr. Lee’s testimony during trial:


2 thoughts on “My first sit-down interview will be with…

  1. kaytheauthor says:

    This will be great!

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