[ANGER MANAGEMENT]: Diddy’s boo Cassie SNAPS!


Yikes! Cassie is sick of stupid bloggers (not me of course) and she snapped OUT! Apparently a lot of blogs have been insulting her relationship with Diddy, which has been very public.

Whatever bloggers are saying they better delete it or say sorry because the singer isn’t playing nice innocent Cassie anymore. 

She wrote:

“Last thing: F*CK a blog & anyone that makes up bullsh*t – you ain’t sh*t. I never even give a thought to unvalidated sh*t that gets posted online, but I’m tired of it. Been committed for a LONG time to someone and I am sooooo in LOVE with HIM! Continue to call me names that you don’t even know the definitions to and wait for this fall, #RockaByeBaby. I’m getting mine. Have a great f*ckin day. This is dedicated to YOU :: http://bit.ly/ON2MRh – Please get YOUR thirsty *sses some water.”

Of course Celebs are too rich to be addressing any false statements from blogs, but they’re also human so I’m glad Cassie let it out for once lol. With all of the trips her and Diddy have been taking, I’m sure she’ll forget about it soon!


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