[CONFIRMED]: Jay-Z asks Chicago pastor to have church before Made in America Festival!




So Jay-Z might be putting all of the Illuminati rumors to rest…or trying to!

Today while in church, my bestie Jessie-Rae gave me a huge tip off which is exactly why I love him!

Apparently the pastor,Charles Jenkins, at the church he attended today, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago was missing from his congregation because Jay-Z asked him for a special favor.

Blue Ivy’s daddy requested that the pastor have a full hour of church service before his made in America concert with all the people attending. He claims Jay said he really needed it.

Jay flew out Pastor Jenkins earlier this week along with his choir members. Many of the performers in the concert were close with Chris Lighty (who killed himself earlier this week), so possibly wanted to have service to reassure everyone things would be okay.

If this is true, which I hope it is because I’ll love Jay even more for calling on Jesus, maybe all of the illuminati talk will disappear! What do you think?

As soon as I get a confirmation I’ll let ya’ll know! [Confirmed 9/2/12 at 3:51 p.m.]



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