Kanye West second guesses himself on Twitter!


Earlier today, Kanye West got all deep on us about the word B*tch and N*gga. He sent out a series of tweets asking for feedback on people’s opinions of the words.

It came off to me as if he felt bad about something, possibly writing a song about his boo Kim K called “The Perfect B*tch.” Or just using bad words a lot period! I wonder what sparked this debate for Kanye?

It is good to see that he doesn’t always want to be known as an ignorant jerk! I mean if the President calls you a “jacka**,” you might need to get your life together. Or maybe Kim brought about this change. He seems to be very bubbly and happy with big booty Judy by his side!

Orrrr the debate could’ve been prompted by Lupe Fiasco’s B*tch Bad, which he finished his twitter rant with.

Read Kanye’s tweet rant below from bottom to top!:





Lupe Fiasco B*tch Bad link: http://www.mtv.com/videos/lupe-fiasco/828040/bitch-bad.jhtml#id=1568964



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