What I think about Iggy Azalea!


(I had to do so much to this photo to decrease my popped-ness! A little advice: DON’T GO ANYWHERE IN LA without looking cute!)

So, I was minding my God-given business while stuffing my face with bread at a cafe in DT LA when something GREAT happened. Iggy “Murda Bizness” Azalea walked by the window casually with her friend Peezy.

At first, I thought it couldn’t be her because this type of stuff doesn’t happen to me, but once she passed I noticed her cakes which she recently instagram’d!


Sorry most of my posts involve butt talk, but hers is amazing every girl should be jealous and start doing squats.

Anyways, with bread stuffed all up and through my mouth, me and my friend Kemah ran out the restaurant and chased her down yelling “Excuse me” like 2 psychopaths lol.

Once we caught up with her and asked for a photo, she was sooooooooo nice and sweet! We introduced ourselves to her and Peezy and they were very welcoming. Iggy was so genuine and even made the comment before we took a pic “I don’t want my camel toe to show” as she pulled her leggings down.

I already figured she was cool after seeing all the pics she took with fans at her MN concert. However, some celebs can be nice and fake at their events for their image but be complete JERKS to random people that come up to them.

I’m sure Iggy thought we were idiots when we came up to her with bread crumbs all over our mouths, but she didn’t show it. I have to say she’s my new favorite female artist!

Little Miss Piggy Iggy….you get a 10 on the nice celebrity meter! Celebrate with Teyana Taylor and Laura Govan!

Peezy you get a 10 too!

Look she even tweeted me and my friend Will, who must be a superstar too 😉


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