What I think about Laura Govan, Angela Simmons, and Teyana Taylor!

HOLY SMOKES!!! Yours truly Joane’ Precious Alice McAfee aka Just Shutup Joane bka Joaprah Winfrey was in the midst of celebrities once again! Ahhhh one day this will be normal to me, but anyways here we go…

I got to go as press to the annual She Cares Celebrity basketball game, which is put on by Kanye West’s cousin Ricky Anderson. The point of the game is to raise awareness and money for the She Cares foundation that supports single mothers.

It was a great event filled with celebrities and NBA basketball players. Although I didn’t have my camera crew with me to do an on-camera interview, I still took pics. I got to meet a few celebrities, so allow me to dish on each of them and give them a rating on my good celebrity meter:


Laura Govan

Laura was so nice and sweet. It sounds cliche but she seemed so down to earth, and actually enjoyed being at the tournament. When I got there she was on the red carpet in a tank top and basketball shorts ready to play! Her 3 adorable kids were also with her and it was obvious she’s a great mom. Her kids could not stay away from her. I felt bad for the nanny who was struggling trying to keep up with all of them! Way to go Laura….you get a 10!

*side note she looks AMAZING now that she’s lost all of that weight…we might be the same size!


Angela Simmons

No comment


Teyana Taylor

So Teyana Taylor showed up to the CHARITY event in a muscle shirt with no bra. Just picture that in your head for a minute. Minus her nips being all out Teyana is exactly who she comes off to be. She coached one of the teams, and cursed like a sailor the whole time. I liked Teyana because she wasn’t afraid to get a little ratchet and pop her booty to her favorite songs that came on. She also wasn’t afraid to push some man on her team into the bleachers. Apparently, the dude tried to coach the team and she wasn’t having it. She told him to sit down and pushed him like he was a rag doll. I swear she almost shoved him across the gym. After that, all hell broke loose and everybody ran to the gym floor to see a fight that never happened and the dude got kicked out! I will say Teyana had heart because she was really ready to beat the dude up, and for your feisty attitude Teyana….you get a 10 also!


Little Mama performed during half-time, and the crowd went wild…NOT! It was a tough performance to watch and it kind of made me uncomfortable lol. She did manage to get Teyana Taylor to bob her head as if she was feeling the song. Her hair and outfit were really cute though!

Matt Barnes was also there coaching with his twin boys running wild around the gym. He seemed to be a great dad and kept looking over his shoulder every 2 seconds to check on his little ones.

Overall, I had a great time and enjoyed being around the celebs. Hopefully next time I meet Angela she’ll drop the tude!


3 thoughts on “What I think about Laura Govan, Angela Simmons, and Teyana Taylor!

  1. Shaunde´Marie says:

    You GO Joane’!!! I’m very proud of you for coming so long from WF n Pizza Luce’ days lol. N YES Ms Simmons is a bit nasty, I seen her at Howard University, giving folks that same look. So better you then me to give her a 3 cause I woulda given her 1 just for showing up lol…. Keep up the good work n don’t forget my Range Rover Joaprah 😉

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