TCM POST: Lauryn Hill tells Oprah NO

This is a sensitive subject for me to write about because Oprah is my girl (in my head), and I can’t imagine how someone could tell her no!

*takes a minute to get self together

Ok bear with me while I get through this blog. Word on the street is Oprah asked Lauryn to be on her hit series Oprah’s Next Chapter, and Miss Hill responded with a big fat NO! The devil is busy!!!

Oprah has been on a roll with her series by choosing to interview controversial celebrities like Rihanna, the Kardashian family, Gabby Douglas, Lady Gaga, and Bobby Kristina Brown.

After a fan tweeted Oprah to get Lauryn Hill on her show NOW, Oprah responded by saying she tried, but Hill said no.

It’s not hard to figure out why Queen Oprah wants an interview…she wants the juice on Lauryn’s recent tax problems.

Oprah’s recent interview with Rihanna scored her highest ratings in the show’s history.

Hopefully Lauryn gives in and decides to do an interview and participate in greatness. However, Lauryn is a very private person so Oprah might have to move on.

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