TCM POST: One Girl in a Big World

Not everybody wants to be a part of the corporate world these days. A lot of people can’t even describe their career with one title because they do so much. Some people want to have a collective experience after college, so they have to take risks when going after a career to get experience.

I applaud anyone willing to take this huge risk, but I’m just warning you there are a few do’s and don’ts you should consider first.

Allow me to share my depressing story as quickly as possible. It’s pretty tragic!

Back in February I was offered a position with a company and I thought I had the job of my dreams equipped with traveling, a crazy salary, freedom to develop the company, and all living expenses paid in The Big Apple.

Saying I was GEEKED would be an understatement; I was so happy that I didn’t have to go through the hassle of a career search, updating my resume, interviewing, etc.

I completely stopped my career search and put my heart into my new job until it was time for me to move to NYC.

STOP RIGHT THERE! This is already the dumbest mistake I’ve ever made in my life because you should always look for a plan B no matter what, but anyways graduation came and went (YAY ME!) and I took off for New York.

Things were great the first few months, and our team relocated to LA for better opportunities. I learned a lot and met a lot of great people, but in July the job was abruptly cut for a little “incident.” I was left with NO JOB, NO PLACE TO LIVE, and NO PLAN B.

Luckily, I have the best family in the world and my grandmother and aunt let me move in with them while I figure out my next move.

Now, I could go into bashing the company I worked for, but instead I realized if I would have done things differently I would have been in a much better situation.

At the end of the day things are getting better, but I decided most people should be aware of the Do’s and Don’ts when taking a career risk. This whole thing is obviously still pretty recent, so whenever I come across another do or don’t I’ll post it and you all can by pass a few bumps in the road!

Dos & Don’ts:

  • Don’t Ignore your gut feeling: I always had a feeling something wasn’t right, but because I didn’t trust my first reaction I just sat back quietly.
  • Do ask questions: Make sure that before you take a job that could be a risk that you are completely clear of what you are getting yourself into.
  • Do have a Plan B: Although you might have one plan that seems like “the one”, always have another. There is no harm in having a back up plan; you should never have all of your eggs in one basket when building a career.
  • Don’t tell everyone EVERYTHING: Omg the worst part of this was telling this story over and over to a million people. This situation helped me realize that it’s better to move in silence until something is completed. It’s perfectly fine to share your success, but you don’t have to go into depth. (I might be the only one who does this)
  • Do listen to people you love and trust: I swear everyone close to me tried to warn me indirectly. They all were patiently waiting to see how things played out because they didn’t want to discourage me. Next time I’ll listen to their concerns instead of blowing them off.
  • Don’t forget to research your role: A big reason I didn’t question my job is because I didn’t know the field, so I thought everything had to be normal in the entertainment business. So not true! Make sure you get on google or make a call to study and research your role. Don’t be afraid to learn how companies like yours operate so you can notice red flags.

The situation tested my faith a tad bit, but I can say it taught me a lot about myself and gave me even more drive. I’m focused more than ever and ready for any obstacle in my way! Stay tuned and keep an eye out for me on your tv screen…

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